Food Choices and Sustainability

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Food Choices and Sustainability

Few months ago, I decided to wrote a divulgation article on food choices and sustainability, explaining those reasons which motivated me to approach a full plant based diet. Unfortunately, the article was targeted to an Italian audience and it is then written in Italian, because you can already find great resources and information on the topic in english. For example, here are some resources dealing with different aspects of livestock and dairy farming:

If you’re interested, you may want to check the bibliography in the article, which contains 70+ citations to relevant papers on the subject.

Here are some curiosities treated in the article:

  • 🌱 A properly planned plant based diet, apart from being nutritionally adequate, offers protection against many common diseases of our epoch, like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • 🌍 One third on Earth surface (one third!) is devoted exclusively to livestock and dairy farming;
  • 🐄 More than 70 billions animals (that’s ten times the human population) are killed each year for food;
  • 🏭 Livestock farming is the second greatest carbon emitter industry;
  • 🍔 Water needed to produce a single beef hamburger, is equal to that consume in two month of showers;

We need to act now to stop Climate change!