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Apart from academic (boring) related stuff, on this page you can find information about things I like, hobbies, and mostly (I hope) Travel Stories. In addition to many more other things, I love hiking and Slow travel, and you can find some videos in my Youtube channel (just for fun and friends).

Hiking list:

  1. Via degli Dei: Bologna – Firenze (~130Km in 5 days) on 2017
  2. Magna Via Francigena: Palermo – Agrigento (~ 180Km in 9 days) on 2019
  3. Via degli Abati: Pavia – Pontremoli (~190km in 9 days) on 2020 [to be done yet]



As a starter, here’s a video from a 9 days hiking travel in Sicilia: Magna Via Francigena.