About me

That's me (as of 2019).

Hi, I am Stefano Mangini.

I am PhD Student in the University of Pavia, in Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Chiara Macchiavello, in the QUIT group.

I study applications of Quantum Mechanics for the development of future Quantum Technologies.  My preferred research field lies in the intersection between Quantum Computation and Theoretical Computer Science. In particular, I find fascinating the field of Quantum Machine Learning (great reviews here and here).

Short Bio

I was born in Puglia, a wonderful region (yes it is, go check it out) in the southern part of Italy, and more precisely in a small city, named Putignano. After High School, I moved to Trieste to study Physics in the University of Triste, where I obtained my Bachelor degree in Physics, and my Master degree in Theoretical Physics. Right after (i.e. now), I moved to Pavia (near Milan) where I’m pursuing my PhD.