On this page you can find more detail about my work, including my interests, publications, conferences I attended, and talks I gave.

Here is my University Webpage.

My research is focused on Quantum Computation and Information, and I’m interested also in topics coming from Theoretical Computer Science. I’m half a Theoretician and Programmer (I love spending time on my computer), using both approaches when dealing with a problem.

At the moment, for my PhD I am investigating and studying one of the most interesting application of Quantum Computing, that is Quantum Machine Learning.

Programming languages and tools: Qiskit, Pennylane, Python, Fortran, Mathematica, …


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  • S. Mangini, F. Tacchino, C. Macchiavello, D. Gerace, D. Bajoni (2020). Quantum computing model of an artificial neuron with continuously valued input data. Machine Learning: Science and Technology.
  • F. Benatti, S. Mancini, S. Mangini (2020). Continuous variable quantum perceptron. International Journal of Quantum Information 17(08), 1941009.

Invited Speaker

  • Young Italian Quantum Information Science (YIQIS) 2020. Title: “Quantum Computing models for artificial neurons” (slides).

Attended Conferences