On this page you can find more detail about my work, including my interests, publications, conferences, and talks. This is my webpage from the University of Pavia where I did my Ph.D (if still active): here.

Curriculum Vitae CV:

My research is focused on Quantum Computation and Information, and I’m interested also in topics from Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

As much as I like to put my hand to theory, I also always look for a computational approach to problems.

In Feynman’s words: «What I cannot create [that is, code], I do not understand».

At the moment, for my PhD I am investigating and studying one of the most interesting application of Quantum Computing, that is Quantum Machine Learning.

Programming languages and tools: Qiskit, Pennylane, Python, Fortran, Mathematica, …


You can find an always up-to-date list on Google Scholar , arXiv, Orcid .


  • Summer School: Machine Learning for Quantum Physics and Chemistry (University of Warsaw), 2021.
    Contributed talk: “Variational Learning for Quantum Artificial Neural Networks” (Slides; Video; Paper).
  • Young Italian Quantum Information Science (YIQIS), 2020.
    Invited speaker: “Quantum Computing models for artificial neurons” (Slides).

Coding and Hackathons Conferences

  • Qiskit Hackathon Euorpe: Research Study Group (2021), organized by IBM.
    Project: Quantum Reinforcement Learning with Qiskit (code on GitHub).
  • Quantum Open Source Foundation (QOSF) Mentorship Program, Mentee (2020).
    Project: Learning to Learn with Quantum Artificial Neural Networks, featured as a Demo on PennyLane’s website.
  • Hackathon on CEREBELLUM MODELLING (2020), organized by Human Brain Project (HBP).
    Link to event description